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Despite being situated on the mainland, the March of Treviso has always been strongly influenced by maritime traditions, both for historical and geographical reasons. The numerous rivers and watercourses that cross the region provided Treviso with fish and represented an effective communication and transportation system, linking the city with the Venetian Lagoon and its products. Such circumstances moulded the city’s culinary traditions through the centuries making them closer to those of the coast.

Nevertheless, other features in Treviso’s traditional cuisine are more similar to those of other inland towns in the Veneto region, and based on typical mainland activities; these include pork and other farmyard animals breeding, or rice and maize growing. In more recent times, other niche cultivations like Treviso’s radicchio, white asparagus and other vegetables emerged as the core of the local agriculture and became typical products renowned in the whole country. [From: Renato Zanco, La cucina della Marca trevigiana: dal raìcio rosso al... tirame su!, Demetra, Bussolengo 1996]

Thanks to the variety of our tradition, we have been able to work on and improve the wide range of meat and fish recipes that you can enjoy at our trattoria. In the first place, we shall start with a bogoi bowl (typical finger food consisting in garlic and oil marinated snails), and carry on with some of our first courses, like sopa coada (a pigeon and hen soup), bigoi in salsa (large spaghetti with tasty anchovies and onion sauce) or risotto con radicchio di Treviso (risotto with famous sweet Treviso’s red radicchio).

Our second courses include oca rosta col sedano (roasted goose with celery), faraona arrosto con salsa pevarada (roasted guinea fowl with spicy bird livers and anchovies sauce), baccalà alla trevigiana (steamed cod with garlic and parsley) and the famous bisata in umido coi amoi (a typical eel dish).

As a dessert, you can’t miss the world famous Tiramisù or a plate of venetian zaeti (egg and raisin biscuits) with custard.

In addition, we also offer other regional tidbits, like tagliolini con le seppie nere, pasta e fagioli, risi e bisi, risotto agli asparagi, sarde in saor, spaghetti ai moscardini… …so what are you waiting for? Visit our restaurant and try our specialities!